Scout Comics Affiliate Comic Tags Partners With Scenarex To Create New NFT/Digital Comic/Collectable Card

Scout Comics Affiliate Comic Tags Partners With Scenarex  To Create New NFT/Digital Comic/Collectable Card
Scout Comics Affiliate Comic Tags Partners With Scenarex  To Create New NFT/Digital Comic/Collectable Card


JULY 20, 2022 (SAN DIEGO, CA) — COMIC TAGS, the hybrid collectible that combines digital comic books and trading cards, launched a little over a year ago with a slate of title releases from its affiliate company SCOUT COMICS & ENTERTAINMENT HOLDINGS, INC. For the past year, both companies have been working with SCENAREX to develop a NEW Comic Tag collectible that will now include Bookchain® NFT technology. This version of Comic Tag will allow comic creators to share in the resale value of their comics in perpetuity. Imagine if Siegel and Schuster got a piece of every resale of Action Comics #1 or Stan Lee's estate always got a piece of the resale of Amazing Fantasy #15? This new product will launch at the 2022 San Diego Comic Con. 

This partnership expands the core Comic Tag product from a collectible card with digital download to include a full NFT offering.  Comic Tags with NFTs offer collectors more than a card or ability to read their comic book online, it offers them a permanent piece of their favorite comics. Both NFT and non-NFT Comic Tags will be available options to both creators and fans alike!


Popular SCOUT COMICS' titles STABBITY BUNNY, THE MALL & THE SOURCE will be the first titles offered. This will be released exclusively at SDCC and on the WhatNot app.

 Each graphic novel/card/NFT will have four different versions with varying card styles and print runs. They will be categorized by the following classifications: COMMON (1,000), RARE (100), EPIC (10) & LEGENDARY (1).   

“We are eager and excited to collaborate with a literature blockchain technology solutions provider such as SCENAREX and showcase their services to our collector base,” said James Haick, III, Founder and President of COMIC TAGS.  “This strategic partnership will enable us to further offer more value to our existing customers and allow many of them a first step into collecting NFTs in this fast-growing new arena.“


SCENAREX created Bookchain® using blockchain technology because of its flexibility, its transparency and its security. They strongly believe in making digital rights solutions available to everyone.  To address environmental concerns with cryptocurrency and blockchain creation of NFTs, SCENAREX creates their NFTs with Proof of Stake rather than Proof of Work.  Further, SCENAREX makes NFT ownership more accessible to everyone by permitting purchases with traditional payment types.

NFTs being attached to this collectible allows for creators to always share in the resale of their creation.  This blockchain technology allows COMIC TAGS publishers and creators to create a paradigm where every time their book is resold in the collector market they get a piece of the transaction. It's residual income for creators and ensures that future value is shared with both the creators, the publishers and the collectors.


"This is a new way to collect comic books — one that is both nostalgic and future proof and will allow new generations to not only read and collect comics in a new way, but also potentially bring classic titles back to a new audience. We look forward to expanding this new product line to more publishers and more titles," said Lesa Miller, Comic Tags CEO. 

COMIC TAGS has a new slate of titles planned from other comic publishers that will launch in early 2023.

For additional press queries, please contact Don’t Hide Publicity, Melissa Meszaros:

SCENAREX is a Montreal-based start-up founded in 2015, born out of a passion for literature, sharing and technology. Their focus is on using blockchain technology to create flexible, user-friendly, non-restrictive solutions that will benefit the evolution and development of the digital publishing industry.  For more information, please visit
COMIC TAGS was founded to offer avid comic book collectors a win-win by combining a truly collectible product that is also practical in that it provides collectors with a digital library of their titles.  Adding the NFT component makes our product win-win-win.  Visit to learn more.

Our mission at Scout Comics and Entertainment is to guide you through the vast world of multimedia, discovering exceptional talent and epic stories that will inspire you to explore with us. We develop and publish creator-owned comics. By consistently bringing exciting new, talented voices and their Intellectual Property to market, we have established ourselves as a pipeline to major studios and producers for some of the best new characters, ripe for development in TV, Film, Digital, Mobile, VR, and video games.

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