Scout Trailblazers First Podcast is live! Episode 1 with Saida Woolf – November 18, 2020

Scout Trailblazers First Podcast is live! Episode 1 with Saida Woolf – November 18, 2020

We kickoff the Scout Trailblazers podcast with and interview with SoulStream 16 year-old creator Saida Woolf!


Marie and Markus discover an alternate dimension known as the Mirror World where their entire city has been destroyed and replaced by a volcanic wasteland. Marie is contacted by the Mage Goddess who gives her a magical Ocean Bracelet that transforms Marie, allowing her to control water as the superhero Soulstream.


Listen to the podcast here!


THE SHEPHERD Arrives This January From The Scout Comics Imprint Black Caravan

THE SHEPHERD Arrives This January From The Scout Comics Imprint Black Caravan


Grieving his son’s tragic death, a professor begins hearing his boy’s desperate cries. Recklessly, he enters the afterlife, seeking his son and exacting revenge on those responsible for the boy’s death.


Creative Team:

Co-writers/co-creators — Andrea Lorenzo Molinari; Roberto Xavier Molinari
Artist — Ryan Showers, Luca Panciroli
Colorist — Heather Breckel, Pamela Poggiali
Letterer — Jacob Bascle, Joel Rodriguez
Project Manager — Jason Dube



Prof. Lawrence Miller falls into a dark vortex of guilt and anger after enduring the tragic death of his teenage son from a drug overdose. He cannot shake the sense that his son is now a lost soul, wandering between heaven and earth. Grieving and profoundly disturbed, he opts for suicide, pursuing his son into the afterlife. Once on the other side, he encounters his deceased father and is given a mystical pendant of great power. Unfortunately, in Lawrence’s hands it becomes a weapon that allows him to unleash his fury on those who brought the drugs to his son, leaving a trail of insanity and chaos in his wake. His existence becomes a terrifying conflict between his unchecked anger and his knowledge that he might have lost his way.


From Co-Creator/Co-Writer Andrea Lorenzo Molinari 

The Shepherd team has been interacting with Scout Comics at conventions and in an editorial scope for some time now. We’ve always admired their exemplary energy and drive and it was the most natural thing to want to be a part of that team. We have a lot of faith in the leadership at Scout/Black Caravan to take not only our title, but a lot of other titles, to the next level. With regard to the The Shepherd series in particular, we look forward to building our universe together for years to come.

STAKE Is Coming This January From Scout Comics

STAKE Is Coming This January From Scout Comics


When an ancient vampire rips out her friend’s heart on national TV, an angsty teenager sets out on a quest to avenge her fallen friend.


Meet the Team:

Written by David A. Byrne (Spy-DeerMan, The Couch)

Illustrated by Francesca Fantini (Artemis and Assassin, .

Lettered by Joel Rodriguez (Vlad DraculPhantom Starkiller, and Dusk County Chronicles)

The Story… 

Three years ago, Vampires announced their presence to the world in grand fashion; in one instant, Angel lost her two best friends and her existence changed forever. Now, as a member of the Vampire Bounty Hunter Union, and with the help of her ancient vampiric mentor Jessamy, she's out to track down the bloodthirsty monsters who destroyed her life. She is... Stake.

From Creator/Writer David A. Byrne:

Stake has been a fantastic journey so far, from working with fantastic cover artists to Francesca’s awesome interiors. I couldn’t imagine anyone but Scout publishing this book and can’t wait for the world to get their hands on it!


Francesca Fantini Cover

Diamond Order Code - NOV201504

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Diamond Order Code - NOV201505


Scout Comics' HENCHGIRL by Kristen Gudsnuk is now in development as a live action television series at Freeform/Disney

Scout Comics' HENCHGIRL by Kristen Gudsnuk is now in development as a live action television series at Freeform/Disney

November 1, 2020 -- Scout Comics & Entertainment Inc. is proud to announce that HENCHGIRL by Kristen Gudsnuk is now in development as a live action television series at Freeform/Disney with screenwriter Alex Ebel attached to adapt.  The District (SUPERSTORE, STUMPTOWN) and Scout Comics are attached to produce.  Lindsey Shockley is attached as showrunner. 

HENCHGIRL, written and drawn by Gudsnuk, is the story of Mary Posa, who hates her job. She works long hours for little pay, no insurance, and, worst of all, no respect. Her coworkers are jerks and her boss doesn't appreciate her. He also happens to be a supervillain. Cursed with a conscience, Mary would give anything to be something other than a Henchgirl!
Alex Ebel is a genre-blending dramedy writer currently staffed on the reboot of the beloved 90s series ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK for Nickelodeon. Her TV credits include THE ASTRONAUTS, DEADLY CLASS, and BLOOD DRIVE. Ebel is currently adapting BABYSITTER’S COVEN for Nickelodeon. Her psychological thriller feature MOTHER OF ALL EVIL for MarVista Entertainment goes into production later this year.

Lindsey Shockley is onboard HENCHGIRL to EP and showrun. Shockley has been an executive producer on the ABC series Black-ish and Mixed-ish, has been nominated for three Emmy awards, and has developed multiple TV projects with ABC studios. 
Kristen Gudsnuk is a comics writer and illustrator. Her other works include the MAKING FRIENDS graphic novel series published by Scholastic Books; the miniseries MODERN FANTASY, written by Rafer Roberts; and the Minecraft graphic novel series WITHER WITHOUT YOU, published by Dark Horse.
Scout Comics & Entertainment launched in October 2015 to immediate critical acclaim.  Five years later, the comic book and multi-media company has over 150 titles published and scheduled for future release, spanning the gamut of genres. Additionally, Scout has multiple movie, TV and streaming adaptations in development.

Ruben Fleischer & David Bernad (ZOMBIELAND, VENOM) are Executive Producing under their District banner.  They currently serve as EPs on NBC's SUPERSTORE and Freeform's THE BOLD TYPE.  ABC Signature, a part of Disney Television Studios, is the studio. Elias Gertler brought the project to the company and will oversee for The District. 
Gudsnuk was represented in the deal by the Jason Yarn Literary Agency and Alex Ebel was represented by Alex Creasia of Pathfinder.

For more information about Scout Comics, please contact
Scout Comics & Entertainment Set To Launch TRACKER COLLECTIBLES Toy Line

Scout Comics & Entertainment Set To Launch TRACKER COLLECTIBLES Toy Line

October 9, 2020. Scout Comics & Entertainment, Inc. proudly announces the launch of TRACKER COLLECTIBLES, a new action figure/collectible toy company. Peter Goral, writer/creator of the popular Phantom Starkiller and Count Draco Knuckleduster brand, has come aboard as CEO of Tracker and will also spearhead Scout Comics & Entertainment, Inc. merchandise division.

Goral (also known as Killer Bootlegs) has been at the forefront of the handmade action figure movement for years and has inspired countless others to follow in his footsteps. His figures and art are highly sought after by collectors and have been in galleries all over the world.

Scout's President James Haick III had the following to say about adding Goral to the Scout team. "Joining forces with a hardworking and creative mind like Peter is an amazing get for Scout and our new merchandise division.  I can't wait to share some of the amazing plans we have for 2021 and beyond."

Joseph Schmalke (who will also be brought on board to serve as Chief Creative Officer) is excited about both Tracker and Scout's potential . "My keepsakes help drive my imagination and my office is literally littered with statues, cards, board games and action figures. Being offered the ability to work with Scout's vast catalog of IP opens up so much potential for high end collectibles and toys for people of all ages."

Tracker’s initial launch will be of two exclusive, limited edition figures on Wednesday October 21, 2020 at 11:00am eastern via Scout's website ( The first figure is a 5,5 inch soft vinyl figure of Goral's Count Draco Knuckleduster. There will only be 100 available for $59.99.  The second figure is a 3 inch Ma-Va soft vinyl, 3-colored marble, glow in the dark figure of Goral's Phantom Starkiller. There will only be 100 of these figures available for $39.99. Both figures will be enclosed in commemorative packaging to celebrate the launch.

For more information on Tracker Collectibles and all things Scout Comics, please contact
Scout Comics Announces New Series VOLUME For 2021 Debut!

Scout Comics Announces New Series VOLUME For 2021 Debut!


“ Peace is quiet. Noise is rebellion ”

VOLUME is a four issue tale of teenage rebellio andsuperpowered punks. It’s a fun action romp that blends Riot Girl attitude with dystopian scfi, all sent hurtling straight toward you in a furious blur of music and color.


Creative Team:

Writer and co-creator Christof Bogacs
Artist and co-creator Skylar Patridge
Editor and co-creator Nadia Shammas



In the messed-up world of tomorrow a populist dictatorship -known simply as THE REGIME - have made music illegal, preaching a perverted version of law and order called ‘PEACE IS QUIET’. Standing up to this onerous silence is ESSA, a teenager sick of living in the bland and colorless world the Regime has created.
She’s 16, fed-up, and her only weapon is one killer rock song.

See, when ESSA listens to her favorite track - a bellowing punk anthem called GARBAGE HEART - she doesn’t just feel invincible, SHE IS INVINCIBLE , imbued with superhuman strength and durability from listening to the song. What follows is a chaotic mess of color, punk music, and robot punching...needless to say, it’s going to get noisy.



Writer and co-creator Christof Bogacs says, "VOLUME has been rattling around in my head for a while now. This is me venting all my pent-up teenage rage in an immature display of punching, explosions and song lyrics. The best part is I get to pull Skye and Nadia into the fray with me ... and now Scout as well! As a fan of books like Long Lost and Heavenly Blues, I couldn't be more excited to be working with Scout to bring this punk-drenched power-fantasy to life."


Artist and co-creator Skylar Patridge added, "Volume is a really special story, not only in its message but also in its execution. We wanted to create a world devoid of color, stifled by the confines of conformity -- then smash it with color and punk music. It’s a story of youth, identity and reluctant rebellion in the face of authoritarianism."


Editor and co-creator Nadia Shammas concluded, "VOLUME is a story that encapsulates the way teen girls are silenced and undervalued, and the way their voices are louder than ever."

REDSHIFT Launches This Winter From Scout Comics!

REDSHIFT Launches This Winter From Scout Comics!



With humanity struggling to survive on Mars an astronaut crosses into a distant solar system on a hunt for a new world.



Writer: Himkar Tak @hstronic (BOY-1)

Artist: Brent David McKee @brentdavidmckee (The Bowery Boys, Outlaw Territory)

Colorist: Sebastian Cheng 



Every decade so far we’ve been able to work together and pool our scant available resources to send an explorer into space. Every time we pin our hopes and dreams on these voyages. That one of these Voyagers might return with news of a new world. But none have ever come back. And now we are out of time. Mars is out of water and on the brink of civil war. We have one last chance but its a long shot. Our best Astronaut suffers PTSD. We're counting on him to bring back news of air, water, life. If not, this is our last stand. On this cold, breathless, desolate planet.


HS Tak Quote:

“Brent's work on this book is honestly some the best work I've ever seen in comics and with their innovation, team, and guidance SCOUT coming on as our 'HOUSTON'; there's no better navigator. I also quickly want to thank Dr. Wesley Traub from the Exoplanet Exploration Program at NASA JPL talking me through this narrative. The men and women there never lost their wonder and that's what I tried to capture in this saga.”


Brent David McKee Quote:

“Getting to work on Redshift with Himkar and Sebastian has been my best experience as a professional comic book artist. Himkar is incredible to collaborate with on anything from storytelling to costume/spacecraft designs, on top of being an amazing writer. And colorist Sebastian Cheng, well, makes me look better than I am.”




Octover 1st, 2020 (Los Angeles) – as reported by Deadline, Scout Comics & Entertainment Inc., one of the comic book industry’s fastest growing companies, has signed with Mosaic’s management division for film/TV/streaming representation. With over 150 titles in its library, Scout has been developing and publishing creator-owned comic titles since 2015 and is currently one of the top ten comic book publishers in the country. Despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, Scout’s sales have increased threefold over the past twelve months.
Based out of New York City, Los Angeles, and Ft. Myers, Scout Comics recently signed a bookstore distribution deal with Simon & Schuster, signed with the Webber Agency for foreign language rights representation, and became a featured publisher on Comixology, the premiere destination for digital comic book distribution. Scout also recently announced multiple new specialty imprints: Black Caravan (horror), Scoot (kids), Lit (young adult), Outsider (LGBTQ+), Scout One-Shot (single issue stories), and Non-Stop (first issue releases followed shortly thereafter with the entire trade paperback). 
Several of Scout’s titles are currently in development for film, TV and streaming, including SOLAR FLARE, HENCHGIRL, MURDER HOBO, THE MALL, LONG LIVE PRO WRESTLING, SMOKETOWN, LOOT, ONCE OUR LAND, LONG LOST and UNIKORN. With a rapidly growing library, Scout’s slate includes projects at Amazon Studios and Freeform/Disney, and the company is developing additional multimedia projects with Assemble Media, Armory Films, Digital Riot, Jonathan Kadin, and Mosaic, among others.
Scout was founded in 2015 with a focus on quality creator owned comics that span all genres and their transition to multi-media adaptations.  The company’s executive ranks include veterans of both publishing and Hollywood, including Tennessee Edwards, a former ITV America business development and production executive, and Don Handfield, a writer/producer whose film/TV projects include THE FOUNDER with Michael Keaton, the A&E series KNIGHTFALL, and the recently-announced UNIKORN

"As more and more Scout titles progress from page to screen, it's creating new avenues of strategic partnerships with both studios and financiers, and we can't think of a better company to help us navigate these exciting new opportunities than Mosaic," said Handfield and Edwards, who run point for all of Scout's film, TV and streaming development/production.
The company’s physical headquarters are located in Ft. Myers, Florida, and are run by Scout’s President, James Haick, who is also the creative force behind THE MALL, SOLAR FLARE, and the upcoming LONG LIVE PRO WRESTLING, all of which are in development as TV/streaming series.
Mosaic’s Patrick Newman brought Scout in after working with Haick on an upcoming Scout title that is being written and illustrated by Mosaic client Sam Moore. Both companies quickly saw an opportunity to work together.
“As Mosaic continues to branch out into the IP world, we feel like we found a real gem in the independent comic book landscape with Scout. And as impressive as their catalogue is, we were more impressed with the team behind it, and look forward to working with them as they continue to grow and bring fantastic new content to readers and audiences alike,” said Mosaic’s principal Jimmy Miller.
For more information on Scout Comics, please email

SCOUT COMICS Signs Distribution Deal With Simon & Schuster

SCOUT COMICS Signs Distribution Deal With Simon & Schuster

September 23, 2020 -- Scout Comics & Entertainment Inc. is proud to announce that it is extending its trade paperback publishing program by signing an exclusive distribution deal with Simon & Schuster, effective October 1, 2020, and by signing with the Webber Agency for exclusive representation for foreign language rights deals around the globe.
Simon & Schuster, a Viacom CBS Company, is a global leader in general interest publishing, dedicated to providing the best in fiction and nonfiction for readers of all ages, and in all printed, digital and audio formats. Its distinguished roster of authors includes many of the world’s most popular and widely recognized writers, and winners of the most prestigious literary honors and awards. It is home to numerous well-known imprints and divisions such as Simon & Schuster, Scribner, Atria Books, Gallery Books, Adams Media, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing and Simon & Schuster Audio and international companies in Australia, Canada, India and the United Kingdom, and proudly brings the works of its authors to readers in more than 200 countries and territories. Simon & Schuster and its imprints have won 56 Pulitzer Prizes, and been the recipient of numerous National Book Awards, National Book Critics Circle Awards, Grammy Awards, and Newbery and Caldecott Medals.
With a focus on comics, graphic novels, and pop-culture, the Webber Agency manages translation rights and publishing projects for a worldwide family of partners. The agency works closely with creators and publishers to bring their titles and brands to a global audience, and in addition to Scout represents foreign language rights for Archie Comics, Oni-Lion Forge, Markosia, and many others.
Scout Comics & Entertainment launched in October 2015 to immediate critical acclaim.  Five years later, the comic book and multi-media company has over 150 titles published and scheduled for future release, spanning the gamut of genres.  Scout has multiple specialty imprints: Black Caravan (horror), Scoot (kids), Lit (young adult), Outsider (LGBTQ+), Scout One-Shot (single issue stories), and Non-Stop (first issue releases followed shortly thereafter with the entire trade paperback).  Additionally, Scout has multiple movie, TV and streaming adaptations in development, including projects with Amazon Studios and Disney/Freeform, among many others.

RED XMAS Hits Comic Stores This December By SCOUT COMICS

RED XMAS Hits Comic Stores This December By SCOUT COMICS


No-nonsense FBI agent Ellie Tewksberry doesn’t believe in Santa… until a fed-up St. Nick snaps and kidnaps the world’s kids. Now Ellie must team up with her wannabe-elf ex-husband to save their son—and Christmas!



Clay Adams (CO-WRITER): is as a voice actor, with roles on TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: FAST FORWARD and several seasons of YU-GIOH. His feature script, THE ECLIPSE, placed second in the horror category of the FADE In Awards. He has written and directed for Georgia Public Broadcasting and holds a BFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU.

Alexandre Philippe (CO-WRITER):  most recent movie is MEMORY: THE ORIGIN OF ALIEN, an acclaimed documentary about the making of Ridley Scott’s classic film.His other award-winning docs include LEAP OF FAITH: WILLIAM FRIEDKIN ON THEEXORCIST, 78/52: HITCHCOCK’S SHOWER SCENE, and the cult classic THE PEOPLE vs.GEORGE LUCAS.

Fabio Ramacci (ARTIST): is an Italian artist who has published with Star
Comics and Sergio Bonelli Editore. He recently contributed to the horror anthology Modern Dread.

Ilaria Chiocca (COLORIST): Italian comic artist and colorist. She has
published two euro-manga style books with Kasaobake as co-author and co-artist.



Ellie Tewksberry isn't the world's best mom. How can she be, when she’s too busy fighting evil as a top FBI agent? But when her son Byron runs away, you better believe she’ll use all her grit and experience to bring him home alive.

She’s gonna need it, because plucky Byron’s made it allll the way to The North Pole in search of his dad—a wannabe-elf who ran off years ago to join Santa at the workshop.

But not only isn’t Dad there, Byron’s timing sucks. Mrs. Claus just bit the big one in a tragic toy accident, and Santa vows to make all the world’s brats pay.

When Ellie catches wind of his scheme—to use monster toys to kidnap every child on Earth—she teams up with the Easter Bunny and St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun to try and bring him down.

But when that fails, she must swallow her pride and work with her ex-husband, Witherspoon…the one man who understands Santa's operation better than anyone she knows.

Turns out, he’s just the man for the job, wielder of an ancient Santa-killer weapon. Together, they must finally put family first and confront the not-so-jolly St. Nick at his icy stronghold.

And maybe—just maybe—learn to live happily ever after…


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